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Bonuses accrual in blockchain.
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“World of Retail” is an ecosystem built around a person for
the consumption of usual goods and services in everyday life,
education, entertainment, social communications and business
with an integrated system of rewards in the form of tokens WRT
(World of Retail Token).

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“World of Retail” today is

  • Scientific production company
  • E-commerce platform
  • Over 15 years of successful work in Russian Federation
    and over 7 years in international markets
  • Business in the CIS and EU countries
  • Dealer network consists of more than 300 thousand distributors
    working on the system of direct communication.
  • Today over 800 of the largest online
    retailers are our partners.
  • More than 20 million goods and services
    are available on the platform.

Benefits of the “World of Retail”

Customer Benefits
International online
hypermarket of goods and services
  • Aggregator of discounts and promotions (coupon)
  • Cashback on purchases
  • Kickback (Cashback on purchases
    personally invited users)
  • Group Purchasing Service
  • Sale of used goods
  • Money back guarantee in
    disputable situations on goods purchased
    at the MT platform
Benefit for suppliers of
goods and services
International Marketplace
  • A complete set of analytical tools
    and promotion mechanisms for conducting
    online business
  • Loyal ever-expanding consumer
    and marketing affiliate audience
  • Direct delivery from the manufacturer
  • Marketing tools to
    increase customers and
    partners loyalty
  • The possibility of wholesale
Benefits for members of
the business club
International global
bonus blockchain program
  • Additional income from purchases
    of invited clients
  • The possibility of receiving income
    from invited suppliers
  • Income from the sale of licenses
    and membership in the club “World of Retail”
  • Opening of own regional
    “World of Retail”offices
  • Opening your own business within
    the “World of Retail” ecosystem with a ready-made
    client base
  • Accounting of all contracts, transactions
    and payments on them in the blockchain
  • Investments in the projects of the club members

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Dynamics of the platform development

  • Full-fledged ecosystem: messenger, payment
    system, wallet and investment fund
  • Bonus system on the blockchain, the introduction
    of a WRT token to pay platform fees and
    club cards holders
  • Attracting new customers and suppliers, opening
    representative offices in more than 50
  • Improvement of the service due to the introduction
    of artificial intelligence and aggregation of all aspects
    of life, leading to an increase in the average check,
    the number of purchases and their frequency,
    based on digitizing customer and
    commodity Big Data
  • “Smart consumption” is an examination of consumed goods and services through quality control, customer ratings and recommendations of opinion leaders.
TodayOver 600,000 unique views per month
2019Over 5 000,000 unique views per month
2020Over 13 000,000 unique views per month

Why does “World of Retail” have a blockchain?

Blockchain guarantees users additional security
Buyer Protection
  • Transparency of transactions and bonus payments
  • Product quality guarantee
  • Honest ratings
  • The possibility of a refund
  • Counterfeit Protection
Supplier Protection
  • Guarantee to save information
    about transactions and
    contracts automatically
  • Consolidating customers base
  • Protection against unscrupulous customers
Partner Protection
  • Guarantee to secure all customers, suppliers and partners
  • Fixing all transactions, the transparency of the accrual and distribution of funds
  • Sale, gift and inheritance ID

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Club cards

  • Price:135 $
  • BPV:25,0
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:370 pieces

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  • Price:265 $
  • BPV:50
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:785 pieces
  • You get club status Start

Buy Club

  • Price:415 $
  • BPV:70
  • Cashback:25% higher
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:1 300 pieces
  • You get club status Bronze
  • Adding 1 supplier to the platform

Buy Club

  • Price:815 $
  • BPV:145
  • Cashback:25% higher
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:2 635 pieces
  • You get club status Silver
  • Adding 3 suppliers to the platform

Buy Club

  • Price:2 165 $
  • BPV:400
  • Cashback:25% higher
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:7 470 pieces
  • You get club status Gold
  • Adding 10 suppliers to the platform

Buy Club

  • Price:5 000 $
  • BPV:900
  • Cashback:25% higher
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:18 520 pieces
  • You get club status Platinum
  • Adding an unlimited number of suppliers to the platform

Buy Club

  • Price:6 670 $
  • BPV:1 200
  • Cashback:25% higher
  • Number of WRT-bonuses:37 040 pieces
  • You get club status Black
  • Adding an unlimited number of suppliers to the platform

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Global market scale

The volume of the retail market in the last 10 years ranges from 20 to 25 trillion USD and is almost of global GDP

The growth of online commerce continues. The share of turnover of the main platforms - world giants also continues to grow against the background of individual online stores

In developed countries, the main channel for promotion is direct sales (up to 90% of retail sales in the United States and Japan)

In 2017, the growth curve of digital marketing, which is only 10 years old, caught up with the 40-year-old direct selling industry

“World of Retail” turns out
to be at the top of three
trend directions:
  1. Further growth in the share of direct sales
  2. The beginning of the rapid growth of digital marketing
  3. Consolidation of all sales around platforms, turning into ecosystems.

Company roadmap

Choose your status, purchase Club Card “World of Retail” and grow with the company!

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